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My name's David, I'm 20 years old and I'm a motherfuckin' geek, nerd, warsie and a movie buff. At this point you can figure out that I love to read comics, books, write, saw movies and, if it's possible, create them.
What are you gonna found on this blog? Everything that I found cool. But if my calculations are correct, if you are following me already, you're seeing some serious shit.
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    “Sabes, tu me recuerdas un poema del que ya no me acuerdo, y una canción que nunca existió, y un lugar al que no creo que haya ido nunca.”

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    #geekart If only those toyz were true ! Awesome concepts by Evil Corp. More toyz here

  • A lot of people want to be in control in the cinema, to be made to feel secure. I go against those conventions, for good or bad. I want to create a permanent state of unease. I want the audience to ask, ‘What the fuck is going on?’ If they ask that, they can start to let go a bit. Some people don’t. Some people can’t. But if you go with it, then trust me: you’re in for a ride.

    happy birthday to NICOLAS WINDING REFN;

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    "Trick ‘r Treat: Sam’s Going Back to School" (2012) | Harold Zam

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    the real and the photoshopped version on the left.

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  • Atomic breath (n.): the ability to generate from within oneself a large amount of atomic radiation and release it in various forms from the mouth. A sub power of Radiation Manipulation, variation of Breath Powers.

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